After suffering a miscarriage earlier in the year, I made an appointment with Jenna to see what was going on in my body, and how I could take better control of my own health. After one session with Jenna, I understood what changes I needed to make to have a successful and healthy pregnancy  Weeks later I became pregnant and saw Jenna again, my health drastically changed in a positive way. I am now 4 months pregnant. I truly feel it was her help and guidance that has made this pregnancy a healthy one.
-Kathryn Ollivier
I have been most impressed with the assessments and sessions Jenna has provided with her biofeedback machine. This device has identified significant issues that I had not disclosed and this convinced me of its ability to identify other stressors I was not aware of. After only two sessions and entrainments for pain and lymphatics, I have noticed an improvement. I will definitely continue seeing Jenna and believe she will aid in my recovery.

-Bernadette G